Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where to start?

Hullo friends!

Everyone's heard the news. To some, it is just another headline. But for me? It is a shocking--nay, horrifying thing.

Lucasfilm was sold to Disney.

I guess I shouldn't be so shocked... What doesn't Disney own anymore?
Its not that I am like, a Disney hater or anything. Disney has come up with some great movies! However, I've always felt that Lucasfilm and Star Wars were off on their own--set apart from all other franchises. But now, all of that had changed. Disney not only OWNS Lucasfilm, no, that isn't enough--they are actually going to make MORE Star Wars movies! Now, more Star Wars is never a bad thing, but really--why mess with perfection? Why add to what is already the best series ever? There are so many things that could be ruined by this... Recasting Luke, Leia and Han would be an epic fail. I'm sorry, but Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford are irreplaceable. They ARE Luke and Han.
What really, really upsets me more than anything about all of this is the hate that is once again being lashed out against the prequels. Could Jar Jar be slightly annoying at times? Yes! But he was MEANT to be! He was the fun character, the comedy relief. Did Hayden Christensen seem to act overly dramatic at times? Yes! But that was exactly how the character was meant to act--Anakin was supposed to overreact, he had to act irrational--the whole point of the prequels, after all, was to highlight his path to the Dark Side. Mr. Christensen did an incredible job portraying Anakin's emotions. The prequels were, in my opinion, gems of movies and were exactly up to par with the original trilogy. I find it very irritating that some people keep implying --and in some cases out right saying-- that Disney will do a better job on making new Star Wars movies than Lucas did with the prequels. I am really hoping that Lucas will be involved in making sure that these new movies are still lined up with the rest of the Star Wars canon. I wish Disney would just up and tell us everything--it is awful having to hear all of this speculation and having absolutely no idea what is true and what is just rumor.

I will never, as long as I live, refer to Leia as a "Disney Princess."

Whew--I apologize for all of that. I had to vent somewhere! ;) How do you feel about the sale of Lucasfilm? Let me know in the comments!

May the Force be with you!
(As a side note, I hope I won't get sued for using a copyrighted Disney phrase like that...)